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The Best PM Tool for what we do, on the Planet.
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Paperless, cloud-based, operational technology for HVAC & Control Contractors. Built within our Controls & Service Company in Toronto, Canada. We focus on any Contractor 1-25+ Trucks.


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 Open-Mind, Curiosity, & Patience.

We focus on any Contractor 1-25 Trucks.


Paperless, cloud-based, operational technology for HVAC & Control Contractors. Built within our Controls & Service Company in Toronto, Canada. We focus on any Contractor 1-25+ Trucks.

The ANT Colony

A Team of like-minded Independent Contractors and Distributors working independently-in-sync to revolutionize the HVAC & Control Industry. ANT Technologies provides a Suite of Tracking Software for Projects and Service.

This is all about Teamwork and Fun, all amidst the madness that surrounds us.

 Working collaboratively and closely ... ANT Colony members become friends. We understand the unique challenges you face, because we grew-up in this industry. You'll find we're more than just a software company; our Leader has ~25 years exposure to Field and Office Roles. He studied the HVAC & Control business in University and is eager to create the Best Team in the world.

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 Chrome;Firefox;Internet Explorer;Safari
 Any Computer, Tablet, Mobile ... All Good.

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Phone: (905) 331-6555

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twolfe - I love it. Nothing falls through the cracks.

Project Tracker gives us the flexibility to create whatever tasks we like and ensures nothing gets missed. Once you understand task levels, the world's your oyster! Makes project management a whole lot easier. I really love checking off tasks!
7/4/2018 7:48 PM Waiting to be published

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SPARKY347 - Great product

Great program to use for any company to track jobs and easy communication and way to log and keep track of RFIs, Changes, and sending receive information as to the job at hand.
6/22/2018 2:28 PM Waiting to be published

User Image
azamm - Easy access to all the projects and one stop for all the information

Any information regarding the project whether its drawing submittals, quotes, commissioning notes, every small and big detail regarding every step involved in the project completion and after finish, Its all there
6/22/2018 2:16 PM Waiting to be published

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ANTTE - First-Go

As the Innovation Manager for ANT Technologies ... I'm a little biased ; ) ... We have been waiting to go-up on the Marketplace until we were confident we would earn at least 4-stars from most Users. It's time for that! I believe (after learning and researching MANY of our competitors, that ANT's Tracker Suite is the absolute BEST available for any HVAC & Control Contractor with 1-25+ Trucks. We built PT with our Low-Voltage Electricians and BAS Technicians and have improved continually for 3 years; all based on feedback provided by the ANT Colony. Onwards, ever onwards!
6/19/2018 5:19 PM Waiting to be published


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