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The Best Field-to-Office Communications Platform on the Planet
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Paperless, cloud-based, operational technology for HVAC & Control Contractors. Built within our Controls & Service Company in Toronto, Canada. We focus on any Contractor 1-25+ Trucks.


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Paperless, cloud-based, operational technology for HVAC & Control Contractors. Built within our Controls & Service Company in Toronto, Canada. We focus on any Contractor 1-25+ Trucks.

The ANT Colony

A Team of like-minded Independent Contractors and Distributors working independently-in-sync to revolutionize the HVAC & Control Industry. ANT Technologies provides a Suite of Tracking Software for Projects and Service.

This is all about Teamwork and Fun, all amidst the madness that surrounds us.

 Working collaboratively and closely ... ANT Colony members become friends. We understand the unique challenges you face, because we grew-up in this industry. You'll find we're more than just a software company; our Leader has ~25 years exposure to Field and Office Roles. He studied the HVAC & Control business in University and is eager to create the Best Team in the world.

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Phone: (844) 577-2687

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Janet - Administrator

Being that I am brand new with the ANT program, it is very easy to learn and use. It gives the administrators and employees the ability to create and track service calls, and produce invoices easily. We rely on it completely as our most useful tool. The tech support team is quick to respond to any issues also.
6/25/2018 6:22 PM Waiting to be published

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IndyT - Service Tracker Increases Revenue Opportunities

Using service tracker is easy and quick for everyone in our office. By tracking every service request (call), even those we typically did not bill for has armed us with the data we need to sell service agreements that we normally would not have sold.
6/25/2018 3:07 PM Waiting to be published

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Tracy - Service Tracking

ANT has become an integral part of our company. The Timesheets are a huge upgrade from our previous use of spreadsheets. The Service Tracker is also a great way to keep the entire team informed with the ins and outs of service calls we receive. It's nice to be able to review old service tickets to know what has already been done or that the same issue has happened multiple times in the past month and we should probably look at device replacement. Overall, ANT has been a great addition to our company and I find that we use it on a daily basis. ANT's tech team is also great at providing immediate responses, should you run into any issues. Highly recommend!
6/22/2018 9:07 PM Waiting to be published

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ccircle - Service Tracking

Working for a company that has several offices in different parts of the state, ANT Service Tracker has made it very easy to stay up to date/update coworkers with projects that I'm involved in and the projects they are involved in. With all of us staying very busy, this service is convenient for getting updates on projects that I may not be directly involved in every day. With the ability to quickly go back and review old service reports, it allows me to not have to "reinvent the wheel" on issues that I have experienced.
6/22/2018 3:50 PM Waiting to be published

User Image
AlanC - Ant technologies

The Ant software is great. We are replacing paper tickets and invoices while also giving technicians instant access to previous service history on equipment.
6/22/2018 3:09 PM Waiting to be published

User Image
ksheidler - Service Tracking

In the past our small company struggled to keep all our Systems Engineers up to date with what work we had done on various job sites. With the ANT Service Tracker our ability to see who/when/what was done on a job site is now easy! Having the ability to track work done and status of equipment all in one standard report makes it much easier for our team to follow after each other or ourselves to ensure we are not wasting time on troubleshooting steps previously covered. The ANT group has also been great with taking recommendations and understanding our core business to help us help them and in turn help us with the product. We are thankful for the opportunity and are excited to see what future revisions will bring.
6/22/2018 2:30 PM Waiting to be published

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azamm - Again an easy one stop information package

Every detail regarding the controllers, equipment's, end devices with the QR codes to scan and get every notes being added on the particular device. Access credentials, service reports all contributes to the convenient lifestyle with the job related work
6/22/2018 2:20 PM Waiting to be published

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Patty C - *

Service Tracker has changed the way we do business! It’s efficient, easy to use and outstanding tech support. We’re very happy colony members!
6/21/2018 7:08 PM Waiting to be published

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Matt Dery - Matthew Dery

The ANT Service Tracker is a powerful tool that enables us to deliver outstanding value to our customers. It helps us with scheduling, dispatching, planning and documentation for all our services, enabling us to grow our service business base with a tool that demonstrates our value at our sites.
6/19/2018 7:01 PM Waiting to be published

User Image
ANTTE - First-Go!

As the Innovation Manager for ANT Technologies ... I'm a little biased ; ) ... We have been waiting to go-up on the Marketplace until we were confident we would earn at least 4-stars from most Users. It's time for that! I believe (after learning and researching MANY of our competitors, that ANT's Tracker Suite is the absolute BEST available for any HVAC & Control Contractor with 1-25+ Trucks. We built ST with our HVAC/BAS Service Technicians and have improved continually for 3 years; all based on feedback provided by the ANT Colony. Onwards, ever onwards!
6/19/2018 5:18 PM Waiting to be published


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