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Save tons of time with settings of your BACnet networks!
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This component is able to massively import BACnet points from a simple "csv" file.


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This component is able to massively import BACnet points from a simple "csv" file.

Do you need to import a lot of BACnet points into your station/supervisor, in boring ripetitive sequential operations?
With this component you can save tons of time, which you could use in other and more efficient ways.
Simply create the list of your points into a csv file (according to a well described template example) and give it as input to the component. That's all... all your points will appear into your network, with names and facets!

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  AMACA develops smart ad-hoc tools in order to provide existing software systems with connections to the field. Moreover, AMACA is able to project and develop complete software solutions, for monitoring your devices or implants, making the most of cloud technologies and Niagara framework. Great competence, fast delivery time and passion for smart and well conceived projects are the key ingredients of AMACA's works.

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