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Niagara Software Development Services
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We helped build the Niagara Framework, and help just about everyone bring their products and services to the Niagara community.


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 Niagara 4; Niagara Ax



We helped build the Niagara Framework, and help just about everyone bring their products and services to the Niagara community.

Comfort Analytics was founded by Aaron Hansen who was a senior member of the team that developed Niagara AX. He was responsible for many services from cryptography and scheduling to protocol drivers such as oBIX and OPC. We also helped found CSI Cubed and developed the analytic engine that was acquired by Tridium in 2014 and is now called the Niagara Analytics Framework.


Field-bus protocols. IP devices. Web Services. You name it, we've done it. We work with major manufacturers to bring their proprietary protocols directly into Niagara, and we work with contractors to integrate devices for specific jobs.

Program Objects

Sometimes the simplest program object can save days of engineering effort. If you are facing a burdensome task, let's see if we can save you time and money.


For non-driver work flows, IP protection, and complex interfaces, you will not find a better resource.

Licensing Protection

If you desire licensing protection we can bind instances of your software to specific hosts and give you the tool necessary to generate unlock keys.

Source Code

We maintain your source code in a version control repository and provide complete snapshots for each release and on demand.


We provide comprehensive product guides. See our Comfort ADR Driver Guide as an example.

Contact Information

Phone: (949) 342-6550

Disclaimer. The purpose of the Niagara Marketplace is solely to make the Niagara Framework® compatible products of Tridium's authorized resellers and other providers available for purchase from those providers. Tridium does not have any control over the quality of such products, the terms under which they are licensed or sold to you, or collection of payment. All of your transactions through this website are solely between you and the provider. Tridium has no liability of any kind arising from or related to such transactions.



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