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SOAP Services (Server & Client) and Driver version for Niagara JACE or Web Supervisor.


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 SOAP 1.2 compliant
Niagara JACE or Supervisor

Soap Service Architecture
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SOAP Services (Server & Client) and Driver version for Niagara JACE or Web Supervisor.

SOAP server modules features:
- Control point: there are 8 different SOAP services in order to get and set any control points available in the Niagara Station by specifying its id. Each control point can be exported using the SOAP point extension where it could be possible to assign a unique point id;
- Histories: there are few histories SOAP services in order to get a list of all the available histories in the station with the specific history id used to retrieve the history data collection in a specific timerange.
- BQL Query: there is a SOAP service to resolve a BQL query result in the Station components;
- Alarms: there are a few alarms SOAP services to get a list of all the available alarm classes, a list of all the available alarms for the specified alarm classes and the alarm details for a specific alarm UUID;
- Schedules: there are a few schedules SOAP services to get and set the weekly schedule and special events for all the schedules types available in the Niagara Framework.
- Extensive API to create your own SOAP services (require JAVA knowledge);

SOAP client module: support to consume a SOAP service in the Niagara Station with generic SOAP operation components where it could be possible to specified a WSDL source and select an available SOAP service to convert the available SOAP data into the standard control points.

SOAP driver module: same as the SOAP client module using the standard Niagara driver framework to get the SOAP services data with a polling mechanism into a standard Niagara control point.

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Phone: 0039 331 784358

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  QuickLink Solutions is currently an important reference for the development of solutions based on the Tridium Niagara Framework in Italy, both for the design of integrated systems for BMS and for the development of applications and drivers for communication with third-party devices. The objective of our application is to make the configuration activity, commissioning and maintenance of systems based on Tridium Niagara, easier and quicker. With the development of innovative tools, QuickLink Solutions works in a simple and fast way, making the company motto, which always identifies the society, increasingly topical: "Make it Quick, Make it Easy!"

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