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Niagara AX Tridium Certified Training by Controlco
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Gain the expertise needed to design, engineer, and program projects using the Niagara AX Framework.


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 Niagara Ax Training


 Most courses are held in Pleasant Hill, California, or Nashville Tennessee. For a complete and updated list of dates, times and locations, visit


Gain the expertise needed to design, engineer, and program projects using the Niagara AX Framework.

Controlco is a Certified Niagara Training Partner of Tridium University. Our Niagara AX Framework training classes for system integrators prepare students for Niagara AX certification in small classes offered throughout the year. Most training courses are four days of instruction and one day of testing. Students come to various training locations – most are held in in our Pleasant Hill, California, headquarters – from all over the country and with various levels of technical building automation experience.

We have been a Tridium and Niagara OEM distributor since 2001. That real-world expertise is used in our certification training classes to provide information that directly applies to situations that students will encounter in the building automation profession.

Through this Niagara AX certification training course you will learn how to:
* Link and configure control points
* Build simple PX graphics
* Write control logic
* Driver architecture
* Niagara network components
* Customize the workbench environment
* Work with the kitControl palette for control logic objects
* Create field bus integrations including BACnet and Lon
* Collect and analyze histories and alarms
* Build a custom navigation scheme
* Operate security and user administration

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Phone: (925) 993-1199

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