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BACnet Communicating Thermostats
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The BASstat line of BACnet Communicating Thermostats feature BACnet functionality over MS/TP or WiFi. Models exist for multi-staged heating/cooling of rooftop units (RTUs) and for fan coils (FCUs). These devices can easily be supervised by BACnet clients.


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BASstat Overview
Thermostat Control System with BACnet Supervision
Thermostat Control System with BACnet Supervision MSTP
Thermostat Control System with BACnet Supervision WiFi
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The BASstat line of BACnet Communicating Thermostats feature BACnet functionality over MS/TP or WiFi. Models exist for multi-staged heating/cooling of rooftop units (RTUs) and for fan coils (FCUs). These devices can easily be supervised by BACnet clients.

The BASstat series of BACnet-compliant wired or wireless communicating thermostats ensure effortless integration into BACnet/IP (Wi-Fi) or BACnet MS/TP (EIA-485) networks. These thermostats are suited for single or multi-stage heating, cooling and ventilation binary output control applications such as RTU or AHU. Configurable control algorithm parameters allow adaptability to the specific application. Adaptive control algorithm applied to multi-stage on/off control saves energy and ensures seamless comfort for the occupants. Built in temperature sensor, input for remote temperature sensor, or temperature override network command from Building Automation System. A built-in relative humidity sensor (in 221CH models) allows the thermostat to display relative humidity on the screen as well as serve it as a BACnet object, dew point calculation is also served as a BACnet object (no control action is taken based on humidity). Occupancy status can be set from thermostat buttons or over the BACnet network. Thermostat buttons are optionally lockable to prevent unauthorized control or configuration changes. Digital display with graphical icons is easy to read and understand.
The BASstat's white backlit LCD display is large and easy to read, even from a distance. It incorporates graphical icons to aid visual indication of current state of operation. Several icons indicate parameters such as: Active Mode, Cooling stage 1 or 2, Heating stage 1 or 2, Ventilation Only, Fan Active, Occupied/Unoccupied state, and Clock icon to indicate Short Cycle Delay or Max Cycles per hour active waiting state. These icons are very useful in indicating the thermostat's current state of operation.
Six buttons on the BASstat allow users to manipulate temperature set point, change HVAC modes, turn the thermostat ON/OFF, and more. All 6 of these buttons are lockable in a configurable manner to prevent unauthorized configuration change.

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Phone: +44 (0)24 7641 3786

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  Contemporary Controls designs and manufactures the system building blocks for networking, integrating and controlling automation processes where performance and reliability are important. Our products are built upon open technologies such as ARCNET®, BACnet®, Controller Area Network (CAN), Ethernet, Modbus®, EnOcean®, Niagara Framework®, Sedona Framework™, and are typically found in building and industrial automation industries. Our customers are systems integrators, contractors and mechanical and controls OEMs seeking simple and reliable networking and control products from a dependable source. With headquarters based in the US, we have operations in the UK, Germany and China with self-manufacturing in the US and China. As a licensee of Niagara Framework®, Contemporary Controls has created an Authorized Systems Integrator Program to recruit systems integrators that will purchase, install and commission building automation systems for end users. Contemporary Controls will provide access to NiagaraAX certification, equipment and technical support. This is an opportunity for traditional electrical and mechanical contractors to gain access to one of the most popular building automation technologies allowing them to bid on the controls portion of a project. As part of its BASautomation® product line, Contemporary Controls has developed a Scalable Building Strategy that incorporates Niagara Framework® in a modern device-to-the Internet solution.

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