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Creating Niagara Worldclass smart IoT lighting control solutions
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elitedali transforms Niagara platforms into world class smart IoT lighting commissioning and control solutions.


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 Each elitedali Connectivity comprises licensed instance of Niagara DALI driver plus a DALI network interface module (eDIM™), think of it as a DALI option card for Niagara.

Each elitedali Connectivity Kit provides all the tools necessary to connect a Niagara platform to a single DALI network of up to 64 DALI light fixtures.

Each elitedali Connectivity Kit enables the commissioning, grouping/zoning, control, management, maintenance, visualisation and analytics of up to 64 intelligent DALI light fixtures.

A single RS-485 Port on a Niagara platform can support 4 x elitedali Connectivity Kits or 256 light fixtures.

A typical JACE 6 can support up to 5 RS-485 ports thus enabling 20 elitedali Connectivity Kits representing 1,280 light fixtures to be connected to such a platform.

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elitedali transforms Niagara platforms into world class smart IoT lighting commissioning and control solutions.

CNS’s elitedali Niagara driver enables the Niagara Community to use existing tools and skills to connect up to 1,536 x DALI lamps, 24 x DALI networks to 1 x *Niagara platform.

*Assumes N4 JACE8000 or equivalent platform.

> Commission, control, maintain, manage, visualise and real-time analytics
> Discover/commission networks of DALI open standard light fixtures
> No 3rd party tools or processes needed
> Automatic DALI device modelling in Niagara
> No data IO mapping and labelling = reduced commissioning time and risk
> Any DALI manufacturer’s products conforming to IEC 62386
> The most vendor independent solution available
> Lowest CO2 emissions (EU Sustainability Report, details on request)

 elitedali enables the Niagara Community to successfully bid and deliver world class smart IoT lightning control solutions alongside their Niagara BMS, BAS, BEMS solutions utilising their existing skills and knowledge. Only Niagara Partners who are also Certified elitedali Partners ( CeP™) can be supplied with elitedali product and support. Visit and view Partner section to learn how easy it is to become a CeP and why it is important.

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 Chrome;Firefox;Internet Explorer;Opera;Safari
 Do not use Resource Restricted or Licensed Locked Niagara Platforms
 DALI, IEC62386
 Must not be used on resource restricted Niagara platforms

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Phone: +44 1256 818700

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  Headquartered in Basingstoke, 45 minutes from London, UK, we are Fulham Lighting Co Ltd and we: > Create market disruptive SMART web based solutions for building and lighting controls > Enable end clients to save energy and money, and address sustainability > Help our channel partners grow their businesses by delivering the most efficient solutions on the market As a Certified Tridium Developer Partner, we create smart open standards products for delivery by Niagara Certified System Integrators, Distributors and OEMs (the Niagara Community) as part of their building and lighting control, management, automation and energy management solutions.

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