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Lighting... Global. Intelligent. Sustainable
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Fulham creates market disruptive smart IoT products and solutions for Niagara building and lighting controls


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 cns-enocean™; elitedali™; Niagara; Niagara 4; Niagara 4.1; Niagara Ax


 elitedali™ -
Certified elitedali™ Partners, (CeP™) are officially certified by Fulham to deliver its open standards, web based Niagara for DALI intelligent lighting control solution. Such partners must be -

> Certified Niagara System Integrator, Distributor and OEM Partners.
> Either already experienced in DALI® intelligent lighting system commissioning, control, maintenance and management or prepared to invest time to become so.

All current certified CeP’s will display the CeP logo on their website or documentation and be able to show a valid CeP certificate on request. If you are in doubt, simply contact Fulham Lighting directly to confirm.

cns-enocean™ -
Niagara certified SI, Distribution or OEM partners must be familiar with the requirements of successful EnOcean™ wireless deployments.

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Fulham creates market disruptive smart IoT products and solutions for Niagara building and lighting controls

Headquartered in Basingstoke, 45 minutes from London, UK, we are Fulham Lighting Co Ltd and we:
> Create market disruptive SMART web based solutions for building and lighting controls
> Enable end clients to save energy and money, and address sustainability
> Help our channel partners grow their businesses by delivering the most efficient solutions on the market

As a Certified Tridium Developer Partner, we create smart open standards products for delivery by Niagara Certified System Integrators, Distributors and OEMs (the Niagara Community) as part of their building and lighting control, management, automation and energy management solutions.

Disclaimer. The purpose of the Niagara Marketplace is solely to make the Niagara Framework® compatible products of Tridium's authorized resellers and other providers available for purchase from those providers. Tridium does not have any control over the quality of such products, the terms under which they are licensed or sold to you, or collection of payment. All of your transactions through this website are solely between you and the provider. Tridium has no liability of any kind arising from or related to such transactions.



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