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The Affordable System Designed for Smaller Properties Including Residential
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The first intelligent management system designed exclusively for small commercial and residential properties.


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Customisable GUI Dashboard
Visualise Floor Plans
Simple Temperature Controls
Intuitive Time Scheduler
Inbuilt, Multi-Utility, Real-Time Monitoring System
Controller with Inbuilt Power Supply - Easy to Install
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The first intelligent management system designed exclusively for small commercial and residential properties.

nanoBEMS, the new building management platform from NetThings, with integrated Niagara on board, has a easy to install footprint and low cost that will enable property managers for large estates to install, monitor and control, right down to their smallest buildings or retail outlets, as well as residential projects.

The low profile controller fits over a standard electrical box, and has an inbuilt mains power supply so there is no requirement for a control panel. This means that installation is both quicker and cheaper than traditional BEMS. Furthermore, the system has a special 100-point Niagara license, intended to cover small properties, meaning a lower overall cost of ownership.

The system has an optional 7", highly engaging touch-screen display for control and user feedback, which comes with a convenient wall-mount. Like the controller, this also mounts over a standard electrical box and ships with a USB mains power adaptor, which fits inside the cavity of the electrical box.

The display can connect to the controller via WiFi or Ethernet. The system can work in isolation of networks, able to set up its own local network between the controller and the display, or piggy-back on existing infrastructure.

 Utilities management and control within the residential market and for small/light commercial, such as retail, hospitality and office.

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 Chrome;Firefox;Internet Explorer;Opera;Safari

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Phone: 0044 131 331 5445

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