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ModernControls Inc. provides, installs, and maintains HVAC mechanical and control systems for safe and comfortable facility environments.


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ModernControls Inc. provides, installs, and maintains HVAC mechanical and control systems for safe and comfortable facility environments.

From thermostats to building systems, we provide direct access to the vast selection of products offered by Johnson Controls. So you can count on the latest control technology. High quality. And the stability of working with the world’s leading building controls and equipment company. Plus, the high level of product performance is back by our local engineering expertise.

We have built a strong reputation here in our community for a high standard of personal service and customer satisfaction. We are ideally positioned to adapt to the unique needs of each job with the speed and agility you expect from a local service provider. As an ABCS, we’ll deliver the quality and flexibility necessary to meet your requirements for a productive, comfortable and efficient building environment. And to meet your cost-control needs, we have the ability to maneuver through mid-course corrections and smoothly navigate any job changes.

ModernControls provides a full range of mechanical services for the modernization of your facility including chiller, boiler, pump, and piping replacement-performed on a fast-track schedule with minimum downtime. We recognize that your facility cannot afford to be “off line” due to the replacement or upgrading of your HVAC equipment. Our project managers work with you early in your planning process to minimize the impact of servicing your facility.

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Phone: (302) 325-6800

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